Message from the Principal

This is now the time for us, Saint Nicholas Secondary School, to begin to learn to look through the eyes of others; to find and experience what the school actually looks like in the eyes of other people. By knowing what other people think about us, we can grow bigger, better and stronger than what we initially thought we could. Kindly support us with your insights so that, if and when necessary, we can re-chart our routes to reach excellence for our children’s academic and character. Saint Nicholas Secondary School offers to everyone a friendly welcome, an outstretched hand.”

Drs. Oyo B. Sunaryo


Message from the Principal

High School students experience a unique period characterized by rapid growth and transition between childhood and young adulthood. We believe that with our patience and caring guidance and their own effort, they will develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Junior High School is typically a three-level schooling, Grade 7, Grade 8, and Grade 9, followed by Senior High School which includes Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12. Senior High students are given more independence in high school and are being allowed to choose their class major subjects in Grade 10.

    Saint Nicholas School determine to prepare the students for the next level of education. Hence, several programs are provided for high school students :

  • 1. Government Examinations (UN) – it is mandatory for Grade 9 and 12 students to sit for the Government Examinations
  • 2. IGCSE O Level Cambridge Program – each program covers subjects from a variety of areas : Languages ; Sciences ; Mathematics ; Humanities and Social Science ; Creative, Technical and Vocational.