It is indeed a great pleasure to be given an opportunity to showcase an institution such as ours. Kids Land Pre-School Division always aims to provide fantastic educational opportunities for the students to attain the highest level of learning. We also provide various selections of enrichment activities that would create a rather rich learning environment for all students.

I do believe that all the things they have learnt will lead them to achieve their fullest potentials academically, socially and emotionally. We always strive to create a safe, caring atmosphere and a conducive environment for all students.

Through these, children would be equipped with proper and appropriate knowledge. Aside from this, it helps to meet the specific needs of the children in providing a strong foundation of skills and enhancing the basic education for these learners.

Our website is only a glimpse of what we can offer to your children. I do hope that you will visit and be a part of our school.

Mary Rose M. Infante


Saint Nicholas School - Kidsland is a 5 - year program for children age 1-6.The program consists of Toddler 1 & 2, Nursery, Kindergarten 1 & 2.

We will provide each child with a rich learning environment, supported with caring and competent educators, to enable every child to learn, to grow and to experience success.

In Kidsland, your child will participate in all kinds of engaging learning experiences. It’s our concern to develop their physical, cognitive, moral and social skills. Students will also learn to have faith in Christianity in their early age. This is the beginning step of a lifelong adventure.