Primary Division Parents and Teachers Meeting

Junior High Psychology and Innate Talent Inventory Test
July 30, 2020
Our Online Reading Test for Kidsland
August 14, 2020

Primary Division Parents and Teachers Meeting

PTM (Parents Teachers Meeting) is an event that allows us to introduce our teachers, and to inform parents about school programs for the current year. This PTM was the first virtual PTM that we ever held. The PTM was held on July 17 2020. We received such a great enthusiasm from parents, and higher number of attendance this year.

We have a question and answer sessions to let parents communicate their concerns, their questions, and to clarify unclear information. In this part, we received many constructive input from parents regarding learning activities at home.

Our focus on this PTM is how to construct a better, and more organized communication flow between parents and school. In this case, our class teachers has a very important role of communicating information from parents to school and the other way around.

Our great expectation is that with this PTM, we can ease parents’ concern and build a stronger cooperation with parents; all to support the continuous improvement of the education for our students.

See you at the second PTM!