Peringatan Hari Kartini
May 4, 2021
May 25, 2021




Last April, our Science Primary department held the Science Practical test. This practical test is the annual test which is done every Semester. The goal of this activity is to stimulate pupils’ understanding not only in theoretical but also in their practice.

The practical test was done per level. It started from 12 to 16 April 2021. The pupils were asked to prepare some materials needed to perform their practical test. Not only that but it was also demonstrated by the teacher. The pupils also needed to answer the questions given.

For Primary 1, the topic is “Air and Water”. So, the pupils observed the water changes and also the uses of the air. All pupils were excited to experiment.

For Primary 2, the topic is about “Light and Shadows”, “Sound”, “Non-Living Things” and “Forces”. The pupils needed to answer some questions given by the teacher.

Meanwhile, for Primary 3, they did the experiment about “Changes in Materials”. They observed the changes in materials by doing the experiment.

The higher Primary also conducted their different topics in the practical test. Primary 4 pupils were doing experiment about “Magnetic Force”. Primary 5 were having their experiment about “Filtration”, and the last but not least, Primary 6 pupils discussed about “Waterwheel and Windmill”.


All practical tests were done successfully. As every practice is a learning process, this practical test is always done to make sure that pupils understand more about Science in the real life and they are able to apply it.