Chinese New Year Celebration

Computer Competition – Primary Division
March 3, 2021
HUT Saint Nicholas School Ke-20
March 24, 2021

Chinese New Year Celebration

On February 26, 2021, Saint Nicholas School held an online Chinese New Year celebration. This New Year celebration was a big success and all the students and parents enjoyed it .

This time the Chinese New Year event was held by primary and secondary together, and a wonderful program was prepared for each grade. The dance performance of P1 “Gong Xi Gong Xi” brought us back to the joyous atmosphere of the New Year; P6 students brought an introduction to traditional Chinese culture, and their Chinese was excellent; the beautiful singing of P2, G10 and G12 students made us fascinated; the dances of P3 and P5 students made us smile; the dances of G11 and G8 students made us feel young and vigorous; the poetry recitation performances of P4 and G10 students made us appreciate the beauty of Chinese poetry; and the students of G7 and G9 showed us Chinese paintings and tongue twisters, they are so versatile!

This New Year celebration has lucky draw as in previous years, and we have drawn 20 lucky students. They received different prizes, like free school fee, free activity fee, free PE uniform and free school uniform. The students and their parents who won the prizes were very happy.

The success of this event is due to the efforts of all teachers and students, the hard work of teachers, the participation and cooperation of students and parents, and the full support of the school.


Through this event, everyone has a deeper understanding of Chinese New Year and a stronger interest in Chinese culture.