Kidsland Green Lake


Preschool and early childhood education help children earn a solid emotional base that will serve them well for lifelong learning and wellbeing in their lives.

At school, where the social scene occur, children learn how to be respectful, how to compromise and learn problem solving process.


In our school, we believe that early childhood education is more than a preparation for the primary level. And because of that, our school programs focus on many key elements of your child’s development: including academic, self-esteem, physical, and, self-awareness among others. In supporting this, we always maintain a positive attitude towards independent learning and grasping gross as well as fine motor skills.

In a period of time in their golden age, children are encouraged to grow and develop individually. In our school, they have the opportunity to learn from well-educated teacher with a great fond of  Christian values.

As well as providing the best education at school, we also firmly believe in cooperation with parents. With this understanding, our teachers respect parents and always work hard to involve and inform them in all aspects of their child’s day.