Kidsland PIK Christmas Celebration

Kidsland PIK PTM and Parenting Seminar
February 3, 2021
Valentine’s Day Celebration – Primary Division
March 3, 2021

Kidsland PIK Christmas Celebration

On December 16, 2020, the students commemorated the Christmas program at Kids Land PIK.  With the theme “Harmony of Christmas”, the order of events was preceded by our MC Ms. Jennyfer, and this was pursued by a prayer led by Ms. Flora. After the prayer, the opening remarks of our principal Ms. Amelia E. Manarang was given. This was proceeded then by the procession of Mary and Joseph, which was performed by the siblings, Matthew and Kate.  This procession was accompanied by the choir from the preferred K2 students.

Succeeding the procession of Mary and Joseph the schemes continued by the candlelight ceremony headed by Mr. Andrew, Ms. Erma, Ms. Amel and Mr. Richard. The candle lighting was done evenly. After the setup, it was followed by Pastor Flora’s short message. She recited a narrative to our students.  Thereafter, the student from the Toddler class was called to present her dance. She was grooving with her teachers Ms. Jennyfer and Laoshi Guo. This was superseded by the students from nursery A & B and students from K1A as well.  After they revealed off their twitch skills, the program went on by bestowing awards for students who garnered the Best in Conduct. This award would be decreed to the students from the Toddler and Nursery and granted by Ms. Erma.

Ensuing the awarding ceremony, K1B students and selected K2 students also showed off their dancing and singing skills. Behind showcasing their talents, another handing out of awards had been given, These are the Best in Academics which were slated for the deserving students of Nursery until K2. Our principal had the opportunity to do this. To extend our program, students from K1C will not give up on their dance performance of course. Next in the program was the awarding for the top students from Nursery, K1 and K2.  The award was endowed by Mr. Richard and Ms. Amel.   After the accolade ceremony, it was supplanted with the closing remarks by Mr. Richard. This was supervened by an announcement and the important reminders by Ms. Jennyfer and the order of events ended. It officially completed with a closing prayer conducted by the MC.

The program ended well. We hope in our next event, we will make it even better as much as we can.