Kidsland PIK

Greetings in the name of our Almighty God!

It is an honour to be representing an institution such as Saint Nicholas School and it is indeed a privilege to serve as the Principal of the Kids Land PIK – Division.

Kids Land Pre-school has built a reputation for the quality of its work from professional teaching and learning to co-curricular activities. Our institution does not only focus on academic achievements and intellectual success but we are doing our best in molding our students in a more holistic way.

There is no doubt that our students are built upon the continuous support of our beloved parents alongside with the faculty members and also the staff – a great partnership to say the least.  We place a strong emphasis on working with parents and community to enable all students to utilize their skills, maximize their abilities and acknowledging their potentials in everything they do. I vouch that those will help our students to be more equipped when they step out from our premises, ready to face the world.

At this very moment in our life, our world is in engulfed with the pandemic turmoil due to the spread of COVID-19 and with it comes uncertainty. Nevertheless, our school will not allow to fold its knees or bow down and certainly not yield to its domination. I do believe that our school will provide all our students’ needs and ensures the staff’s safety.

Be a part of our journey!

Ms Amelia Manarang
Kidsland PIK Principal