Field Trip K1 and K2

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January 9, 2020
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January 9, 2020

Field Trip K1 and K2

Learning From Scientia Square Park
By: Ms. Septiya Rini

On the 11th of October 2019, Kids Land PIK Division had a field trip for K1 and K2. This time we went to Scientia Square Park, Tangerang Selatan. We chose that place because the students could learn a lot about some animals that were there.

In the morning, all the students gathered in their respective classes. All the teachers found the students that were based on the groups and name tag that was already given by the PIC, this time the PIC divided all the students and the teachers into 5 groups. After the teachers already with their groups, we immediately went to the school lobby to gather and pray before we go to Scientia Square Park. On our way going there, all students were very excited, they were very impatient to arrive there.

we arrived there, we gathered in front of the Scientia Square Park to have a photo session and we have also a briefing with the tour guide. Each group had their respective tour guide, after each groups was already with their respective guide, they immediately started the activities based on the rundown that was already given. We had a lot of activities there such as butterfly park, rabbit island, understanding koi farm, clay art, edible garden,
meet David the buffalo, At the butterfly park, the students learned about the growth of the butterfly, they could touch the butterfly but they should be careful with it. At the rabbit island,the students gave the carrots to
the rabbits and learned how to carry the rabbits properly. At the koi farm, the students fed the koi fish, each of them got the fish food in one small plastic. At the edible gardens, the students had a chance to revoke the vegetables there, the guide gave the instruction how to revoke the vegetables properly. Some of the students
were very excited to revoke the vegetables until their shoes had much soil on the shoes sole. The students also got a chance to try the fun climbing games, the guide helped the students one by one to climb. We also made a clay
art at the hall inside the mall; each student got the clay and the clay molder. The students made the shape of an airplane, crabs, teddy bear and so forth. They were very happy to play with the clay. Besides that, we saw David the Buffalo, the eagle and the owl. Each of the student took a photo with the animals, but some of the students were afraid to take a picture with them. After all the activities were done, the students and the teachers ate their lunch together at the park. After we were done eating, we gathered together again and went back to the
bus to go back to the school.