MOS Kids Land Citra & Green Lake

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August 5, 2021
MOS Program of PIK Kids Land
August 19, 2021

MOS Kids Land Citra & Green Lake

Kids Land Student Orientation Days

Student Orientation Days is one of the school programs that can’t be separated from the initial learning process. Student Orientation Days activities aim to foster and develop motivation, learning methods and positive interactions between students and teachers.

Kids Land pre-school participated in student orientation days activities We held the Orientation Days for three days, on July 21-23rd 2021, The activity takes place regularly and pleasantly, one of them is singing, introduction the teachers and students, class rules discussion.

The class rules discussion is important for students, so the students know what they should do and what they shouldn’t do during the class time, playing some games that related to the hygiene, and we also explaining the simulation of covid 19. Why should we explain the simulation of covid 19? So that Kids Land pre-school students understand the dangers and prevention of corona virus.

Play games, train the dexterity and logic of children. Student Orientation Days is done online through zoom, although it is done online, but parents and children follow student orientation days activities with high enthusiasm!

Written by : Ls. Stefani