MOS Program of PIK Kids Land

MOS Kids Land Citra & Green Lake
August 19, 2021
August 23, 2021

MOS Program of PIK Kids Land

Kids Land PIK’s MOS Program


“This is a new year. A new beginning and things will change.”

                                                                             -Taylor Swift

On July 21-23, 2021, Kids Land PIK had a MOS (Student’s Orientation) program. It was really a great time meeting the students for the first time this new school year even though the program was held online.

All the students from Nursery until Kindergarten 2 joined the program. The order of events was preceded by greeting the students and then we continued to do singing and dancing together. New friends were introduced one by one and they bonded with one another even it was only done virtually.

After the pleasantries, we continued to discuss some the class rules particularly for Home-based Learning and made some agreements to follow them so the students will understand.

Not only singing and dancing, we also played games. In my class alone, we had treasure hunting. They hunted the things that they could find inside their homes. Other classes also had fun playing games such as name games and the like. We also did paper folding as their intermission activities. The students were very enthusiastic in playing those games and also doing fun activities. We closed the event by giving announcement for the following day’s roster.

The program ended well and all the students were extremely jubilant. This gave us something to look forward to for this new academic year, a sense of belongingness and joy.


                                                                                                                                         by: Ms Jennyfer