Our Online Reading Test for Kidsland

Primary Division Parents and Teachers Meeting
August 14, 2020
Zoominar for Parents
August 26, 2020

Our Online Reading Test for Kidsland

On August 3-6, 2020, we officially commenced the reading test which was attended by students from Nursery until Kinder 2 level. In PIK – Center, the test was spearheaded by the Principal, Ms Amelia E. Manarang together with the Head Teachers : Ms Creselle and Ms Vera. This time they served as the examiners. These students from these levels were very excited to showcase their prowess in reading. The titles of the books are the following: ‘The cat’ for Nursery level, Kindergarten 1 – ‘Tick Tock’ and for Kindergarten 2 – ‘Thank You’. The test was done via the upgraded Zoom Educational Link from our school.

In addition to this, other branches of our school did a similar test with the supervision of the respective Principals. They are Ms. Dewi from Citra 6 branch and Ms. Rindang from Green Lake. Similar with the Center, they also give the test from Nursery to all Kindergarten 1 and 2. The students did their very best as well!

This test will be done almost every month to check the students’ development in reading. The students are able to adjust with regards to reading online and even teachers were challenged to be efficient and effective. With this, our students are encouraged to incorporate themselves at this point as they improve their skills.

The involvement and support of the parents are highly appreciated and commended. Indeed they are the partners of the teachers in the learning process especially during the Home-Based learning.

Regarding this, young ones can engage themselves into new things. They are definitely explorative with regards to learning.