Message from the Principal

Warm greetings!

It is an honour to welcome you and a privilege to have you navigate through SAINT NICHOLAS SCHOOL’s website. I hope that you will find it helpful and after your visit, you will have an idea of what we have to offer.

As a new principal of Saint Nicholas Primary School, I am very excited about this school year 2016-2017 as our students continue to grow and as we always try to upgrade and improve our programs to suit the students’ need.

Our teaching staffs at Saint Nicholas Primary School are dedicated, hardworking, experienced, and motivated in providing a stimulating learning environment that challenges and supports student learning. We strive for excellence in academic achievements and promote the development of the whole child through strong curriculum. We continue to work as a team and we are committed to high expectations for all students and providing the best possible learning environment.

Our curriculum is a mixture of Singaporean and National curriculum. Subjects are categorized into six groups. These are Languages, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Technology and lastly the Creativity. Our school’s motto “NON SCHOLAE SED VITAE DISCIMUS” means “Getting grades is not the purpose of learning. Learning is part of living”

If you have any inquiries about our school and programmes feel free to contact us.

Ma. Theresa E. Bauzon



We would like to instill the idea of “Play is to Learn and so is to Grow” in our children by fostering maternal environments which are nurtured by our sincere and dedicated teaching facilities.

We believe that Is important to let children have the sense of being accepted as a part of God’s creations. Therefore, as one big family, Saint Nicholas School aims that our children will grow, be wise, and be strong independent individuals.

In the lower primary, students will learn the basics of literature, numbers, communications, as well as establishing foundations in Science and Social Study. In the upper primary, students will not only strengthen their academic skills, but they also be able to explore their talents through our lifeskill subjects.