SNS Drama Lifeskill competed in London School of Public Relation

April 2, 2018
July 24, 2018

SNS Drama Lifeskill competed in London School of Public Relation

By Charlista Selamatan

On the 23rd of February, St Nicholas School Theatre Lifeskill students participated in a competition. The competition is called Dramakala Fest 2018 held by London School of Public Relation. They went to their campus to compete there. Their play is entitled Misteri Harta Karun (Mystery of the Treasure) directed by Charlista Selamatan from 11 Business.The theme of the play is semi-comedic & patriotism.

It’s about an adventure of 4 teenagers who found a treasure in the middle of a jungle. Instead of a real treasure, they found Indonesian flag personified as a girl named Sang Saka who lost her identity. This play teaches us to appreciate and respect our country more.

The casts were Timmy Setiajaya as Komer- a man who is obsessed with social media and selfies, Jayslyn Kate as Pati – a teenager who’s boastful and loves to voice her opinions rather loudly, Darren Ho as Kor – a rich man who graduated from the university early and loves to wear rings, Michelle Harto as Dea ; the daughter of Komer’s colleague who is very smart but short tempered, Helena Kelly as the personified Indonesian flag Sang Saka who lost her identity, Clara Sioe as Fatmawati the woman who sewed the Indonesian flag, Wendy Vernandez as a veteran who fought hard for Indonesia’s independence & lastly James Antonio who played the narrator, the one who introduced and ended the story.

The students worked hard for this competition and even though the team didn’t bring home the prize, one of the casts- Timmy Setiajaya got nominated for the Best Actor Category. He is the youngest among the nominees.

“Sometimes competition is not about the winning or losing, it’s about the experience and the things you learn from there.”