Virtual Sports Day in Kidsland

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August 26, 2020
Sports Day in Primary Division
September 9, 2020

Virtual Sports Day in Kidsland

Independence Day has been celebrated annually since 1945. This year is the 75th time commemoration of our independence day. Every year on this day, we celebrate our freedom by having various competitions, such as traditional games, neighborhoods competitions and cultural parade. But this year, Indonesia Independence day will be very different from previous years because it is celebrated in the midst of pandemic, so Kids Land Citra 6 division held the sports competition virtually for the first time on Thursday, August 13, 2020.

We started the event with the K2 level led by Ms. Intan and continue with K1 level led by Ms. Bioty and the last was Nursery level led by Ms. Sani. The sports commenced at 9 AM with having a mini flag hoister ceremony and sang our National Anthem and reading mechanic for each game.

There were 2 kinds of game for each level. For K2 level we had “Drinking Water” and “Balancing the book”.

For K1 level we had “Freeze Tag” and “Paper Collage”.

For Nursery level we had “Coloring the Flag” and “Eating Biscuits”.

In addition to this, the center of our school in PIK and also other branch, Green Lake did the same program. In PIK they were having the games for all levels from Toddler to kindergarten 2 and from Green Lake they did the games too for Toddler level until K2 level.

All the students were so enthusiastic and they were having so much fun in doing the virtual games with the help of their parents. (Ms. Dewi/Kidsland Citra 6 principal)