Math & Science Competition 2021
April 8, 2021
Kegiatan ke Panti Asuhan Kasih Mulia Sejati
April 15, 2021

Easter Day Celebration 2021

Easter Day Celebration



Easter Day Celebration is one of our annual events that have some competitions and presentations. However, there are some changes this year. Since we are still coping with the pandemic current situation, we must follow some health protocols such as physical and social distancing, staying at home to protect ourselves and wearing masks during outside activities.  All schools’ events are held through online too. But even though we need to do all the programs online, we tried to make all events successful.

For this year, the Easter Day PICs did not hold any competitions for the participants. We made some interesting and fun activities that can boost the students’ confidence, build their excitement, and show their creativity. The activities were Arranging puzzles for Toddler level, pasting the crumpled paper for Nursery level, coloring for Kindergarten 1 level, and the most challenging activity which is designing an Easter Egg for Kindergarten 2. The students looked so excited while they were doing the activities together with their friends as it was all for fun and no need to compete with each other.

There was a collaboration between the Easter Celebration Day event and the Outreach program. The children from the orphanage shared their talent in dancing as they sent us a recorded video of their performance which we are thankful for that. We also delivered the Outreach program documentations.

As the students felt so excited to this event, they also got souvenirs from the PICs. It was a gift of saying thank you and appreciation to the students who were willing and enjoy the hype of the event together with their friends and teachers. The PICs of this event would like to say thank you to all fellow teachers, students, parents, and guardians at home who helped to make this event possible. Indeed, it was a successful one.



Ms. Rachmi