Junior High Psychology and Innate Talent Inventory Test

Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) Secondary
July 30, 2020
Primary Division Parents and Teachers Meeting
August 14, 2020

Junior High Psychology and Innate Talent Inventory Test

On Thursday, July 23, 2020, students from G7 and G9 took The Psychology and Innate Talent Inventory Test. This test is done online at 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM at their respectives homes.

A few days before the test, the students have been given clear and detailed instructions on how to take the test online. Each was also given a username and a password to be able to access the website where the test will be taken.

On the day of the test, the students first followed the instructions for the test via Zoom through the guidance of Mr. Fidelis Waruwu from Edutraco Company, test organizer. Mr. Fidelis also directly accompanied the children when they took the test.

Mr. Ferry as overseer and Mr. Horasman as the PIC together with the class teachers helped to guide students when taking the test. In order for communication to run smoothly, the committee and homeroom teachers also created a WA group with Mr. Fidelis.


The Psychology and Innate Talent test ran successfully. Students were enthusiastic in taking the test because the results can be used to see their self-image and innate talent. This innate talent will be a consideration for  G9 students when they choose their class stream in G10.

The print out of this test will be given to parents of students. Soft copies will be given to homeroom teachers, disciplinarian  and counselor. The purpose is to understand  better the personality of students in guiding them. Later, after the results of this test come out, there will also be a special seminar for parents from Mr. Fidelis. The goal is for parents to understand the results of the tests and personalities of their sons and daughters.

This psychology test is an annual program of the Saint Nicholas Foundation.