Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) Secondary

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July 24, 2020
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July 30, 2020

Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) Secondary

On Friday, July 24, 2020, the Secondary Division held a Virtual Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) at the 5th floor of the Saint Nicholas building. The PTC event began at 8:00 am  and ended at 10 am.

The event was hosted by Ms. Christlyn and Mr. Yohanes.  It started with an opening prayer by Mr. Horasman followed by a welcome speech delivered by Mr. Lahagu as the Principal. In his remark, he said that the PTC event was an event  for both parties, the parents and teachers to communicate directly on matters and issues related to school programs and children’s learning problems. Mr. Lahagu admitted that there were many difficulties during the home based learning.

“All parties must have experienced many obstacles during Home Based Learning (HBL). There are many problems and struggles along the way. But by working together, all problems can be solved easier. Things that should be emphasized, continued Mr. Lahagu, is that education must remain a top priority even though both parties are in a difficult situation facing the Covid-19 pandemic. Educating the children is an investment  in the future,” explained Mr. Lahagu.

After the remarks was the introduction and explanation of the vision and mission of Saint Nicholas and the implementation during HBL by Ms. Cindy, as the Curriculum Coordinator, followed by the delivery of school programs for one semester by Vice Principal, Mr. Kriston and the provisions regarding quiz, CA and SA. Even though children study at home, all event programs and learning evaluations are carried out.

In this meeting, parents were also reminded about the rules and regulations during HBL. Mr. Alfons as the disciplinarian in the Secondary, emphasizes several important rules that must be followed.

“During the online class, children must wear the school uniform and be on time when attending zoom sessions. Likewise during quizzes and other tests, students are still required to always be honest,” explained Mr. Alfons.

This meeting , we conveyed to parents about some excellent programs in the Secondary that will be continued to be done. The intended programs  ae Checkpoint at G8, IGCSE at G10 and AS and A Level at G12. Exams from Cambridge will be conducted in April-May-June 2021 but the preparation must start now.


Furthermore, this PTC also provided enough time for discussion with parents. Parents were given the opportunity to raise their  ideas, proposals or questions related to school programs and other matters related to home based learning.  A number of questions and suggestions were raised by parents and responded directly by the teachers.

The PTC event which was attended by 80’s parents, ran smoothly and successfully. This PTC event was previously called PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting) during normal time that is one of the annual programs of the Saint Nicholas Foundation. PTM is held twice a year, namely at the beginning of the school year and at the middle of the school year to open an official communication with parents (AL).