May 19, 2021
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May 28, 2021



By :  Mary Rose M. Infante

We all know that Mother’s day is always celebrated around the world to honor mothers of the family or individual, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.  Every year the Primary Division of Saint Nicholas School always conducts this important occasion for mothers but this year we celebrated it virtually. It was successfully held last Friday, 7th of May 2021 with the theme MOMENTS OF LOVE WITH MOTHERS.

To celebrate this event virtually, we decided to conduct three categories of competitions and these are:

  1. Singing competition for P1 and P2 levels
  2. Dance competition for P3 and P4 levels
  3. Mother and Child Bonding activity for P5 and P6 levels

The class teachers were asked to encourage the mothers and children to join the competition. We’re so glad and thankful to all participants who worked incredibly hard to prepare themselves for the said competition. For the selection of winners, we assigned some teachers to choose 10 finalists for each competition. We had chosen talented judges who were assigned to choose 5 winners for each category.

After showing all performances of the finalists, the awarding of winners was followed. The prizes were awarded by the Principal, Ms. Ma. Theresa E. Bauzon  and the Vice-Principal, Pak Yohanes.

Lastly, congratulations to all winners of every category. Aside from this, the teachers and staff from Primary division would like to give a heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all the mothers and their children for joining the inspiring competition and for their continuous support in all school activities and programs.  God bless!


Below are the names of the winners:

Singing Competition

First winner P2C – Alvaro Hamidjaja & Mrs. Fitri Sencaka
Second winner P2A – Emily Scofield & Mrs. Monalisa
Third winner P1D – Jeremy Cailean Lay & Mrs. Eva Kirana Wowor
Fourth winner P1A – Jacob Gunawan Lim & Mrs.Lenie Tjhia
Fifth winner P1C – Shane Edward Stevenson & Mrs. Sheila


Dance Competition

First winner P4A – Audrey Jacqueline Saputra & Mrs. Agata Elce Yulita
Second winner P4B – Janice Lim & Mrs. Yulili Tjung
Third winner P4C – Sesilia Jacquelyn Subandi & Mrs. Lina
Fourth winner P4C – Kevin Konardi & Mrs. Ellyana
Fifth winner P4B – Guinevere Abigail Kho  & Mrs. Enny Widjaja


Mother and Child Bonding Competition

First winner P5C – Ellen Valerie & Mrs. Shanty Wen
Second winner P5A – Justin Huang & Mrs. Erna Marlina
Third winner P6A – Almira Shafana & Mrs. Meliana Haris
Fourth winner P6A – Bryant Kristof Hartanto & Mrs. Jeanny Ariani
Fifth winner P5C – Sebastian Lee Jones & Mrs. Susan