Valentine’s Day Celebration – Primary Division

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February 3, 2021
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March 3, 2021

Valentine’s Day Celebration – Primary Division

Valentine’s Day Celebration

By : Maria Theresia


“Hari Kasih Sayang” or commonly known as Valentine’s Day is celebrated every February 14 each year. This moment has become a culture in Indonesia and has been enlivened by the community even though it is not a mandatory celebration for everyone. There are many versions that tell about the origin of the Valentine celebration.

One version says Valentine comes from the name of a priest, namely St. Valentine. At that time Rome was under the rule of Emperor Claudius II. During his leadership, there was a big war and all men were required to join the military service. The majority of the people oppose this policy. The most logical reason society at that time was that they were already married and didn’t want anything bad to happen to them in the future as a result of joining the war. There are also those who originate because in the near future, they will soon be engaged or married. Hearing this, Emperor Claudius II became furious, and finally he issued a rule that the entire Roman empire was prohibited from having engagement / marriage. This emperor’s policies caused a great deal of chaos. Many families lost their husbands or sons because of the arbitrariness of Emperor Claudius II at that time. A priest from a small monastery in the area of Rome, secretly gives marriage blessings to couples who intend to get married and keeps their certificates hidden.

This continued until finally this secret was exposed and the priest was arrested, then thrown into prison. Because of the kindness and help given by the pastor, the people at that time demanded his release. However, Emperor Claudius II did not budge and finally sentenced him to death on February 14. Deep grief envelops every citizen who feels the goodness of St. Valentine. Since then, the people have declared that every February 14th is St. Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day culture began to enter Indonesia estimated at the end of the 19th century. Usually, these statements are expressed by giving roses, gifts of chocolates, dolls and other cute trinkets.

But on this occasion, St. Nicholas Primary School held a Valentine event together at school. This has not diminished our enthusiasm during the pandemic to hold Valentine’s Day even though only by zooming online. This year’s Valentine looks different compared to last year. This year we only make a few crafts which will be made simultaneously by children from grades 1-6.


In the morning, pupils are wearing different clothes (pink girl, and white boy) they are ready to start their Valentine’s Day together. The pupils looked enthusiastic. They have prepared all the materials for making crafts. Before they make the craft, the teacher will show a video about the history of Valentine’s Day. The children watched carefully, they paid close attention to the historical video of the occurrence of Valentine’s Day. Maybe some questions arise from the pupil’s minds and while watching the video, but the teachers explain with great patience. After the pupils watched the historical video of the occurrence of Valentine’s Day, they arrived to make a craft. On this occasion, pupils in grades 1-3 they will make “Paper Heart Craft” while for grade 4-6 they will make “Valentine Day Cards”

The event went on smoothly. After making the craft, the event was closed by praying together.

Valentine’s Day is not only celebrated on February 14th, in fact every day is also a day of love. We can spread our affection especially for God, our parents, brothers and sisters in the faith.

Therefore, happy to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day. God bless.