Kids Land Field Trip Online Activity

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June 3, 2021
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June 29, 2021

Kids Land Field Trip Online Activity

Kids Land Field Trip Online Activity with

MAKERS by Kids Be Kids

By: Ms. Septiya Rini

On the 24th and 25th May 2021, Kids Land Division had an online Field Trip for Toddler until K2 students. During the pandemic time, we had only this chance to share a very interesting activity virtually. We did an art activity that had been already prepared by Kids Be Kids.



On each day, there were 2 sessions, on 24th May 2021 the 1st session was for K1 PIK students and the 2nd session was for K2 PIK students. On 25th May 2021, the 1st session was for K1 students from Citra and Green Lake and the 2nd session was for Toddler and Nursery students from all the branches. We started at 9:00 am – 10:30 am for the 1st session and 11:30 am – 13:00 pm for the 2nd session.


There were 2 different types of the art activities, “The Whale Journey” for K1 and K2 students, “Disco Raff” for Toddler and Nursery students. The art activity was held via zoom, and there was an art teacher that would teach the students how to create the art activity. The art teacher’s name is Ms Andra. She is from the MAKERS by Kids Be Kids.




When we started the zoom class, all the students were very excited. The materials were sent to their home earlier that week. Because this was the first time for them to do the online art activity, everyone couldn’t contain their excitement and delight on their faces.



Firstly, Ms Andra shared 3 videos about how to mix some of the colors and the explained the steps on how to draw. After that, she introduced herself to the students and the teachers. Then we started to do the arts with the careful instructions of Ms Andra. Everyone followed her step by step. They learnt how to mix some of the colors and also how to paint in a proper way. Everyone looks like a professional painters, they were very focused in painting their board and also some of the materials. After they were done with their art, we took some pictures all together including the teachers in the class. They looked very happy with the result of their art activity, everyone did a great job!


The goal of this Field Trip Online Activity is for the students to learn how to paint in a proper way and also to give them more experience in making and doing the art and to express themselves as well. Even though with this condition during the pandemic, they were still able to get those art experience. This kind of art activity gives enjoyment and fun for the students.