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May 28, 2021
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June 3, 2021

Mothers Day Kids Land PIK

“The Queen of Cuddles”

By: Ms. Veronica S. Clemente

Kids Land PIK


On May 7, the Kids Land PIK Dept. had a short program. On that day we celebrated Mother’s Day.   The program was managed by the class teachers, and performed activities prepared for all the mothers. We started the program by singing as a stimulus to the children and to their moms too, followed by opening prayer.  We invited the students along with their mommies to engage in our short prayer. After a short prayer, we extended our greetings to the parents especially to the mothers. After our brief greetings, our principal gave an opening remarks. After the jolly speech and greetings of Ms. Amel, it was followed by watching some videos such as their photos with their children. We prepared the video per class. While watching their videos one would see the pleasure of the mothers especially the students as they see themselves. We can see the delight on their faces. After that, we had prepared a short video presentation for mommies, a touching video; I am not only as a teacher, but I am also a mother who touched my heart in the video we watched and as a mother, myself, I cried while watching, because our theme “A Mother’s Love is Forever” fits perfectly in the short video titled I will Love you Forever. A Short movie but it was indeed touching. After the tearful part of the program there was a short break time and then it was followed by a game or contest for the parents.

The games for Toddlers and Nursery we called it “Feeding Jelly to their Mom.”

For the parents of K1 and K2s students, they would put makeup on the faces of their mommies whether the student is a boy or a girl. They must do it. We called it “Makeup Challenge.”


The winning children from Toddler to K2 are the following:

1st winner – Leivyana from Nursery B

2nd winner – Victoria from Nursery A

3rd winner – Kennice from Nursery A.


Winning students from K1:

1st winner – Luke Maximillian – K1C

2nd winner – Chemmy – Chemmy Jeovana Kang K1D

3rd winner – Kayslee Mogura Fu – K1D


Students who won from K2:

1st – Fu Yu – K2A

2nd – Matthew – K2B

3rd – Dexter K2C


Towards the end, our Vice Principal Mr. Richard wanted to extend his greetings to all mommies as well. The program would not have ended without the closing prayer led by our fellow assistant teachers.

As this academic year brings to an eminent end may this short program leave a memorable part to our dear parents’ hearts. As the PIC of this program, I will leave a short message and I quote. “A mother’s love will never end; it is there from beginning to end.” A wonderful and blessed day to everyone.