Sports Day in Primary Division

Virtual Sports Day in Kidsland
August 26, 2020
Sports Day in Secondary Division
September 9, 2020

Sports Day in Primary Division

“An active mind, a cheerful heart, and a lively spirit are all that it takes for immense positivity and great enthusiasm.”


Primary Division Virtual Sports Day Competition with a Theme: “Minute to Win It”, paves the way to deeply encouraged children that health is wealth. As health at its utmost importance and deliberately be given extreme attention, the activities were held to be at its highest peak to achieve this goal.

The first-ever Virtual Sports Day in Primary Division was held on 14 August 2020, Friday. The activities were carefully planned and designated for both lower and higher primary students. Each activity has its time duration to be played by the students in their respective homes. Students with the number of precise points in each activity, and finally with the highest combination of points in all activities will win the competition.

Lower and higher primary students were given an invitation where the entire activities. They need to ‘click’ its respective activity and they were automatically directed to it. The invitation was given before the event, to give them time to practice their respective designated activities. Moreover, the materials in each activity were given ahead, so the students would have enough time to prepare them.

As part of the ‘new normal’ virtual system, students need to take a video of themselves while doing each activity. The recorded videos were sent in the Google Classroom to the respective class teachers, while their scores were being inputted in the Google Form. The authenticity of their scores relies on the videos they submitted in the Google Classroom.


Lower Primary students had shown their enthusiastic abilities as they individually exert efforts in doing their assigned activities.

Higher primary students on the other hand have shown their aggressive, competitive side, and eagerness.

In this virtual sports day, parents had given their full support towards their children for their constant encouragement and motivation while teachers worked hand-in-hand to keep the event organized and smooth. Indeed, there is strength and power in unity!

Aside from health concerns and safety matters, this event taught the children the importance of physical activity as part of their lives as well as sportsmanship. Doing things they don’t constantly do would somehow reinforce the value of appreciating things in life, such as their strength and be grateful to it. As quoted by Joseph Pilates, “Physical Fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” Thus, being happy is staying healthy. (Geramae)